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...the word "kink", I had never really looked it up...

For a long time, I wasn't sure how to interpret the word "kink"... I had never really looked it up. When hearing the word some sort of pink feathery boa bondage and a pair of cuffs would pop to mind! I love sound of the word « kink-y », so you can imagine my disappointment when reading its definition on the first online dictionary I found…

Oxford online dictionary defines it in these exact words: 1. A bend or twist in something that is usually straight 2. A small problem in a plan, system, etc. 3. (Informal, disapproving) an unusual feature in a person's character or mind, especially one that does not seem normal. Aha! Here we go... it is considered a problem or an abnormality, and those with kinks should probably be locked up and electroshocked until brought back to "normal". But no mention of it being “sexually abnormal”. But why is it that when your sexual pleasures involve any thing more than the missionary position it is labelled as sexual deviances? Or are we all just hypocrites? I guess many of us are... I talk and write about sexual freedom and preferences, and to be honest the Captain and I keep our sexual relationship private and wish to maintain it that way with the exception of sharing with the odd friend with similar kinks or open-minded people (and then only the ones we know as being “kinky”)... in the end many pretend to be shocked but no one really gives a damn what you do in bed and if people label you it is only because they are too afraid of unleashing their own fantasies and afraid to admitting they want to be fucked hard, dominated, spanked; all because they were taught from a young age that to deviate from the ideas set up by society is wrong... Proves just how endoctrinated we are... Learning is easy... dislearning is so damn hard! We can, therefore, only but imagine the load of misconceptions and myths that float around the terminology of kink. Some will use the word "freaks" or "fetishes" or “BDSM” (Bondage, Dominant, Submissive, Sadism, Masochism) or “fantasy”, or “hair pulling” or, or, or… to mention but a few, in lieu of kink. There is even a referral to the “kinky umbrella” to describe the infinite categories that fall under the concept of kinky! With every partner, sex should be a journey. A discovery of pleasures, boundaries, experiences, a combination of intrigues and compromises, the exploration of one’s and the other’s kinks... Writing under a pseudo name and adamant not to reveal my face on any of my pictures or posts... I guess the question to myself is "how kinky am I

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