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The Silo Hotel, Cape Town: I would have felt so proud to give her an organism ...

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

... vagina, my goodness, I had heard so many men describe them in all sorts of shapes and lip sizes etc. I finally felt like a teenaged boy, discovering one of them for the first time and I had no idea what to do…

A first encounter with four hands… one of my ultimate intimate fantasies… As usual, the Captain had organized everything perfectly, and I knew nothing with the exception of the date. This time there was no need to pack as the Captain had packed everything I needed, or more so did not need! I was to be washed and scrubbed at noon precisely! The rule was not too difficult to follow and once noon had struck I was to wear a skinny pair of jeans, boots, my leather jacket and under my jacket he gave me a blueish entirely see-through top to wear. Again, I was horrified, as always, it seems to be becoming a thing! I think I would have probably felt more comfortable not wearing anything… We drove in silence (I had not yet digested my attire) and drove to the City where we were guided into our luxury suite in the City Centre. A beautiful room, exceptional service, there was only one word for it, WOW! I wanted to stay in the room immediately, but we opted for the rooftop bar to indulge in a light lunch and sip delicious cocktails. The weather was in our favour, not a single cloud to disrupt the crisp blue sky. We were getting quite tipsy in quite a short period of time, giggling like teenagers and me still wondering what the plan of the evening would be. I had completely forgotten my see-through top and had actually removed my leather jacket. The waiter thought we were an absolute riot! A few more cocktails and we then went back to the room we relaxed, no fooling around authorized.. I dozed off for a bit before taking an endless shower soaped in London’s Penhaligons, my utter favourite! Coming out of the bathroom, ready for my surprise, the Captain placed me on the bed. I lay on my back arms and legs spread out for the Captain to tie me up on each side of the bed with cuffs. I was completely constrained. I cannot recall my very thoughts, between excitement and anxiety, or something in between. He placed a blindfold on my eyes and asked me to trust him for an hour, which I naturally did. I trust him endlessly and therefore did not feel worried. t I mainly felt cold. He had the music on and then kissed me before deserting me… One sort of feels quite raw in that position. My arms were starting to twitch at times, and I tried to imagine myself from a distance. I am still dealing with appreciating my body or should I say my most intimate parts spread out in that way. After laying there for nearly half an hour I felt I was starting to doze off… Suddenly the noise of the card hitting against the lock, and finally the door flung open. Light footsteps were entering the room, the only question was how many feet did I hear? There was a little commotion and I assumed she, I sensed there was a “she” in the room, was getting herself acquainted with her new surroundings. She seemed to be organizing her things, opening cupboards and drawers, and moving around quite a bit. This she-girl then swiftly climbed onto the bed and immediately contoured my body with the tip of her fingers. They felt fresh and I could feel myself slightly shiver all over. I then sensed a feather doing its round of my body, and then something cold and metallic, like a chain. She was obviously trying to get my senses working… During that moment I could hear a second person in the bathroom. She seemed to be taking a shower. I thought it was quite weird. My she-girl continued to massage me a little, it felt very confusing as to what was actually happening. The second person arrived and started caressing me. I felt instantly she was also a woman. She had very long fingernails and had put way too much perfume on, to my liking. It was quite nausea bonding… I am very sensitive to smell and over perfuming oneself doesn’t do wonders to my smell buds… But back to the subject of the evening, me, tied up, spread naked and being massaged by four hands, what more could I have wished for… The Captain was definitely not present in the room and I felt disappointed. I deeply wanted him to be present, to participate… I wanted him to see me, me with two other woman and if he was pleased and proud of my behaviour towards them…. Maybe he will join later, or not? I was unsure what the outcome would be, if there was one, I would again just have to wait and feel. The hands continued for quite some time around every corner of my body, their lips came once awhile and caressed mine, a peak of their tongue at times as well. It was slow and sensual, but I did not feel more aroused then that. They finally stopped caressing me and one of the girls was fiddling with my blindfold which she slowly removed! I instantly recognized the first girl being Layla, I did not recognize her hands on my body, but this time she wasn’t really massaging me… She asked me how dirty I wanted to be and I was a little shy. There was all of a sudden quite a bit of talking going on between the three of us and the whole atmosphere seemed to have fallen in an instant. They detached me and Layla said that I could caress and kiss her if I wanted to but I was not to touch her friend. Rules had been implemented in this little ménage-à-trois, which wasn’t really one… I needed more cocktails and a better music stereo… I also needed more spontaneity and in hindsight, something less planned… We lay in bed the three of us and chatted along, all whilst they were caressing me and I was caressing Layla. She had a lovely plumpness to her; her breasts were gorgeously full and I felt like such a novice touching them. Her skin was as soft as I had remembered it and slowly took the liberty of having a wandering hand… My hand wandered on its own in search of the unknown. I wanted the other girl, who was lovely and who kept caressing my skin, whilst complimenting me on my body, to disappear so I could focus only on Layla. I wanted to kiss her, but deeply, and very sensually and then to be able to discover her body. We kissed a little, and my left hand, after having done the rounds of her breasts, slowly but surely went to find her vagina… She had shaven her hair and it felt very different to mine, which seemed so strange… I felt completely lost. If you think a penis can be complicated, believe me, it is not! A vagina, my goodness, I had heard so many men describe them in all sorts of shapes and lip sizes etc. I finally felt like a teenaged boy, discovering one of them for the first time and I had no idea what to do… Luckily, she was a little moist and after playing hide and seek for quite some time, I finally managed to finger her and play with her clit. I would have felt so proud to give her an organism but that will have to wait. Instead, I came between these two ladies and couldn’t remember how exactly, I was so concentrated on Layla’s pussy… We then laughed, sipped some bubbles in bed, when the Captain walked in, and seemed very content to take a chair and look at the three of us giggling, naked on his bed. We joked that next time we would involve the Captain and I deeply hope the Captain will join. I needed his presence not from a distance but more skin to skin. I missed his hands, his lips, his cock, I missed it all… The girls slowly packed their belongings, we all kissed and like that they disappeared into the night. I took another shower and when I came back the Captain was ready to tie me up once more, this time for his own pleasure. He did and used every inch of my body with the most possible attention to each. He came heavily loaded and fell asleep partly on top of me, knowing I was still tied up nicely to each corner of the bed, and I would have to wait a few more hours until unleashed completely…

Erotic Massage: Layla dream Cape Town

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