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Position shoot at The Belmont Mount Nelson Hotel, Cape Town

sunshine will be asked to act as a social slave: as a social slave sunshine shall entertain The Captain and his guests. Sunshine will make the guest feel at home by: cooking and serving top meals while her mouthwatering body is there to give the guests a good appetite.

sunshine will be asked to act as a preparer slave: as a preparer slave sunshine shall ready other males and females, harden their cock(s), wet their sex, harden their nipples,...

sunshine will be asked to act as a cleaner slave: as a cleaner slave sunshine shall use her tongue to clean The Captain’s cum from the body of a female slave He has put it upon, from a female slave’s sex The Captain has used for His pleasure, or to clean the cock(s) sunshine is appointed to. sunshine shall clean cocks that have been pulled out of the pussies of other slaves. For as a cleaner slave sunshine has to lick up what semen she can find.

sunshine will be asked to act as a provider slave: as a provider slave sunshine shall offer parts of her body to those appointed by The Captain for their pleasure. sunshine will also offer herself to those who wish to use her for a demonstration or to experiment on. sunshine shall give her body with pride. sunshine’s mouth, sex, arse, breast and nipples are her best assets.

sunshine will be asked to act as a sex slave: as a sexslave sunshine shall incorporate a sexual attitude and hunger in everything she does, being eager to sexually perform at the best of her abilities for The Captain and for those whom He allows. sunshine’s hunger must be such that sunshine would feel as if she could never be satiated. sunshine shall display herself in a manner to The Captain and his guests, or to whom may be present, as most pleasing.

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