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Please come in my home-office and finish me off...

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Dear Captain, I am unable to write Captain with a little "c"... and even if it is my week, you are the Captain... I am very happy to be able, at times to write Sunshine, that was one of my goals but never to reduce your title... I will be making amendments to the Contract and see how to align our weeks, though I don't feel the 50/50 is the right way... Should I "get" a week every other week or the first week of every month, or or or... I feel you would like me to "punish" you during my week, as if you deserved to be punished for what you think you do to me...and most definitely I have some suppressed demons that pop up at unfortunate and improper moments, it is more minor frustrations than punishment probe... Still thinking...

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