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The Belmond Mount Nelson escapade, Cape Town.

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

...she was massaging me from the sides at first and its only when she climbed on top of me that I could feel her naked body, covered in oil. Her nipples...

Erotic Massage: Layla dream Cape Town

My beloved masseuse, yes I think at that very moment I was in love with her

Another treat awaited me…

We took a day off and book ourselves into a hotel for the night and managed to get an amazing upgrade in one of the best hotels in town. There were no real instructions this time, just hot, sexy, heals at all times, no underwear. The usual really… We left around noon and headed straight to the hotel just in time for a light bite on the terrasse. This elegant Victorian style hotel once bustling with life, was extremely empty. A few suits at one table and a girls’ lunch on another. We nibbled a Greek salad and then headed to discover our premises for the night! Our room was not in the main building but in the surrounding grounds adjacent to the pool. An elegantly furnished English style room, black and beige striped carpet covering the floor, and a marble tiled bathroom, awaited us. We even had a small garden which offered us a semi-private access to the pool area, where not a soul was to be seen…

I unpacked my set of clothes and the Captain, grinning, handed me a bag with a few dresses and bikinis inside for me to try and pose. I looked at the clothing aghast. They were so cheap, too tight fitted, the buttons hanging from a thread… And the bikinis were so tiny, I had no idea which body part they were intended to cover. The absolute tiniest little thing I had ever come across… I felt very frustrated, cheap and unworthy… I managed to pull myself together and play the game under the Captain’s amusing eye as I exhibited myself as proudly as I could, first in the room and then around the swimming pool!

After my little walkabout, I received the ultimate mini bikini… all in gold! It was better than all the rest, and I started to feel a little more at ease. Though I thought it was miles away from perfection, the Captain was very much aroused by the whole scenario! The Captain went ahead of me to the pool while I gazed at my jewel in the mirror! We spent part of the afternoon tanning and swimming, whilst sipping a delicious white wine.

Our little pool session over, the Captain requested I go shower and lay naked on the bed, a surprise was coming… I obeyed my Captain, soaped myself generously and lay on the bed… He arrived with a leather blindfold in his hand, caressed my forehead and gently placed the blindfold on my eyes, knotting it firmly at the back. Just relax, he said, and a knock came from the door. The Captain walked out, leaving me there, wondering what was and would happen to me. I felt quite bare and awkward, not knowing what to do with my arms. I could hear the Captain talking to a woman in the other room. It sounded like they were having a glass of wine… what could be happening, I wondered, my heart pounding in my chest!

This mysterious lady suddenly stopped talking to the Captain and came to join me in the room. She introduced herself as Layla and questioned if I was comfortable, to which I could barely respond that I was. She had a very gentle voice, a youngerish voice. She disappeared for a few moments in the bathroom, put some music on the bedside table as well as her glass, I assume, of wine… I started to understand now that she was probably going to give me a massage… the question was, what kind of massage? I lay as still as I could, not sure how to ease myself. I cannot recall why I was so tensed. I tried desperately to relax. She asked me to roll over on my stomach and started massaging my neck. Her hands were so gentle and soft, and I could smell she had a very pleasant flowery scent which was very attractive. I tried to imagine what she looked like, but not much came to mind on what her face resembled, so I dwelled on her body… she didn’t seem very tall, slightly petite, not skinny, young… I guess I would have to wait!

I was forcing my mind to loosen up as quickly as possible, as she was not here for an ordinary massage and I had to let go, let myself wander in some erotic scene mentally… She was massaging me from the sides at first and its only when she climbed on top of me that I could feel her naked body, covered in oil. Her nipples were once awhile caressing my back, and not long after I could feel her entire breast folding down on me. Now she definitely has a nice full breast and that was turning me on… She had shaved her vagina, that was also something I started to feel. On that thought she slowly motioned me to turn over. Her hands toned my arms before making their way down my thighs. She was going from one part of my body to another, I had no notion of where here hands were wandering. Everything about the scene was gentle and soft, music quietly playing some sort of typical calming melody. I was completely mesmerized by the softness of her skin. She stroked my breast in slow movements, and slowly started fiddling between my thighs… Now it was coming… my mind drifted to some sort of girls only threesome, where we were kissing and touching each other sensually, hands everywhere, little lickings here and there, all at a very soft tempo… I was completely aroused, and now very much eager for her fingers to touch my clit! Her hands were slowly getting there, a little touch around my lips, then on my clit, back to my lips, where she finally separated them, only to notice how moist I already was… She finally placed her finger slowly inside my vagina… I lay as still as I could, my arms and hands still tightly next to me. I didn’t make a sound and eventually she asked if I was enjoying it, to which I could only answer a shy “yes”… she continued dipping her fingers in and out of my wet pussy, hitting my clitoris every time she pulled out; my mind racing back to my threesome where I seemed to be licking this beautiful girl’s pussy whilst she lay on the bed with the third girl kneeling on her face having her pussy nibbled at whilst making little jumpy movements on her mouth, her plump breasts rising and falling with each and every movement she made, and those delicious moanings coming out of her mouth… A quick step back to my reality, where my own breathing became heavier and heavier and with that last finger dip in my vagina, I came, my whole body shaking, and my own moans finally making an end my silence… I smiled and she came next to me and removed my blindfold. Hi, I’m Layla, I had to come back to my senses for a few seconds. We both took a bathrobe and went to the next-door living room to have a glass of wine with the Captain who was waiting eagerly to look at the expression on my face! I guess I was blooming! He observed me and my body language towards Layla, and knew that this was just the beginning…

My beloved masseuse, yes I think at that very moment I was in love with her for a few hours, left and the Captain came close to me on the sofa and gently opened my bathrobe. I was still moist, and very oily. He kissed me lovingly and placed his fingers in and around my vagina, his lips not leaving mine until he felt me come for a second time in less than an hour. I felt ecstatic and exhausted at the same time. I lay in bed recalling every second that took place during the day and can only long for the next step…

Hotel Room: The Captain booked The Garden Cottage suite for his sunshine.

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