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Missing my Captain... (Sailing the Jamaican Waters)

Updated: May 3, 2022

Oh Captain I will try and be always that wet for you... dripping endlessly... I am practising daily spreadings of the legs for your return... I will stay all day in bed with you, my legs wide open, my pussy wide open, hardening your cock again and again... I'll exhibit every single last attire offered by my Captain proudly, and show you my respect, I will masturbate on every dildo ever received, I will wear every cuff with gratitude, knowing by doing so how badly I will arouse you, I'll assume the position, let you caress me and penetrate me as and when required and desired, I will give you so much pleasure, you will tend to think I am your Captain... I am so eager to fuck and be fucked...

(voice added, not my voice)

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