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I was spoiled, so spoiled upon his return…

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

As you can read, there seems to be a change in mind-set, a slow evolution, but still an evolution…

I have been a little quiet and must make up for my absence!

My Captain came back after a little week ago and as you can only envision, we have been actively busy… The lust and desirous build up during our absence, has led to wonderous repercussions! Being apart in these times of Covid can only be beneficial for one’s sex life. We had been continuously together and at times lost that certain appetite, even though, as you have followed me all this time, we were still quite active in our experimentation phase.

The person that says that a relationship does not entail effort is completely besides the point. Agree to an extent that a relationship should be “easy” and “lightheaded” but if one does nothing then nothing will come out of it and you end up in such a routine that leads to boredom.

I am so blessed to have my Captain open my mind, my horizon, my legs… He knows me better than I know myself, dare I say. He seeks to spoil me, eager to give me only but desire, passion, memorable fucks, and a lot of uneasiness to trigger emotions, whether positive or negative! All with one very important aim… Open your fucking mind! Again I can come back to the issue of trust, as that is still a topic as you know that has been slightly breached, here again with the aim to push me over my boundaries which I would not have done or probably accepted had he asked me to do so. And I do trust him 100%, now even more than ever. Toppled with open-mindedness there must be the old-fashioned love! Yes love, love makes it all so damn amazing! It is still the best ingredient for our relationship and I will accompany and follow him beyond limits, because it is part of us and the way we love is so fucking good!

I was spoiled, so spoiled upon his return… an endless row of high heels as well as the tiniest mini bikinis in existence, paired with some Betty Boop squared vichy its and bits to cover a little of this and a little of that. Tens and tens of shirts, skirts to name but a few.

All of the above will have to be widely selected in my suitcase as I slowly start packing for a trip abroad to one of the islands not too far and not too close, where I shall indulge in sun and warm water…

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