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Strip Club Mavericks, Cape Town: i had never been to a strip club before…

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

...I then did the handstand finale with the help of my stripper, and much to her surprise, my dress fell way above my hips, even all the way to my breasts, thereby, exposing my nakedness to her. She had a moment where she was unsure how to react. The Captain could not have wished for more...

I had never been to a strip club before… And just like that we walked into one on a random Monday evening! It wasn’t that random as the Captain had planned it all along. He spends his time planning these mini excursions away from home and enjoys it like a teenager hiding an erotic magazine under his bed… It is very amusing for me to watch and to then discover! Two massive dark-skinned bouncers stood at the door. You really did not want to mess with them and at the same time they made me feel kind of safe. This being said they seemed to relax a little and even smiled just as we made our way into a small corridor. The door behind us closed and in front of us lay another door, still closed. I felt for a split second a little trapped in a tube. We paid the entrance fee and the door automatically opened, and in we entered. If I recall, we must have been the first customers of the night. It didn’t feel dirty like I had imagined. Nothing that resembled what you would see in the movies. It resembled more a gentleman’s club with lovely entertainers luring the client into spending as much money as possible, and obviously what better way to do this than getting the client to relax completely with a few alcoholic drinks and some delightful breasts flying around continuously. There was a large L-shaped bar with wide and comfortable highchairs, all in red-plummish colour. Nearly two dozen tables were scattered in the center part of the room near the bar. A few girls were sitting on the highchairs and a few others at the tables. If one looked up, we could see the upper balcony, overlooking the main floor. On the upper balcony you could see the first stripper twirling around a pole, thereby exposing herself completely to us. The girls danced between 6-9 minutes each. Twirling and twisting they did, bending down, showing their breasts and bottoms to us, removing their bras as sensually as possible, before the end of their dance. There was a multitude of cultures that evening, it was impressive. Every single tone of skin color was to be seen. I was a little stunned and smiled at each and every one of them. I can’t say one of the girls caught my eye, mainly because they were not really responsive to my smiles. They were very young and they had that melancholic look in them… Certain looked like outcasts of society, not belonging here nor there, and that brings a sort of sadness to these places. Notwithstanding the latter, I was planning on having a great evening. And that is exactly what we did! A blond Canadian, in her thirties and about 1m75, not too skinny, with matching red bra and thong, and very easy going, came to chat to us and see whether we were having a pleasant evening. We immediately acknowledged and she sat down with us. She offered herself a drink and further explained the various rooms, and hidden alcoves, as well as all the rules of the place. We could book a private session, or a private room, have a lap dance and something more private. The list was actually quite long. We decided to go to the more select part of the establishment which had a very English twist to it, with Chesterfield sofas scattered around to make you feel very comfortable. We followed her around before choosing a private booth where we could see two or three girls dancing close by, either in a cage or on a swing. The place was filling up, only men if I recall, but it was a decent atmosphere, and I was really enjoying the experience. We continued our chit chat and drank numerous glasses of wine and G&Ts at a quick tempo. She kept ordering, obviously knowing she would cash in for every drink we purchased. She seemed in a hurry, and we were so not! Eventually she made a move and asked if she could do a private lap dance for us. She explained that she would show me a few moves and we would dance together for the Captain. However, he was strictly forbidden to touch her. We immediately accepted, in the end, we were here for that. We paid outright and it went by just like that! She closed the curtains of our little booth and she started doing her moves, dancing lusciously and very suggestively. You could really see and feel how toned she was and how she must have been a dancer for many years. She sat lavishly on the Captain, unclipping her bra, and rubbing her beautiful plump breasts in his face. He shook his head in them, fully charmed, and so happy to see the smile on my face while watching besides them. She continued moving her hips around his groin, changing positions once a while, and pressing her intimates onto his. She ended with a handstand between his legs, her bottom now in his face. He couldn’t resist and had to grab her two cheeks. It was highly entertaining, light-hearted and fun! My turn came to show what had just been demonstrated to me…. I sat on my Captain with delight, though my dress covered my breasts I still attempted to squash them a little in his face, he pretended to bite on my nipples, amused. I moved as sensually as possible, but with slightly less eroticism.

I then did the handstand finale with the help of my stripper, and much to her surprise, my dress fell way above my hips, even all the way to my breasts, thereby, exposing my nakedness to her. She had a moment where she was unsure how to react. The Captain could not have wished for more! We burst out laughing and finally sat all three in a flutter of heat on the sofa. We pulled our clothing back to normal, opened the curtains, letting the steam out, exchanged phone numbers and off she went, just like that, disappearing into her world. Fulfilled with our evening, we finished our cocktails, headed home and freed ourselves from our horniness.

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