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Tulia Romantic Beach Resort, Zanzibar: Hakuna Matata

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

He was so present, hard, large, I dreamt somebody would come and fuck me from behind, I needed a cock in my pussy, fucking me hard, harder, hardest…

What a week it was, indulging in pure heavenly bliss with my Captain. After a fresh summer or winter, depending on which part of the hemisphere you find youself (we actually being in both) decided to go discover a smallish island near the equator and to do absolutely nothing, but soak up some sun, sip cocktails and shag on the beach. We arrived on the island after a 24h journey, which went by in a flash of light, abiding to the Captain’s little cheeky requests from time to time, be it flashing my titties to him in the waiting lounge, not wearing undies on the plane, masturbating on the plane, toying my dildo, or gulping down a few glasses of wine… after all of that, we were driving along some really faint roads, crossing the island from west to east, discovering the local vibe, small shacks selling fruit and woven baskets along the road, cars taking one another over in every direction and just resembling the traditional African way of life. We were welcomed into our new lodgings, by this very friendly team of African and Eastern European combo. A chilled towel to refresh our face and hands, a platter of tropical fruit and some kind of local fruit punch awaited us whilst overlooking a turquoise canvas of Indian Ocean. The temperature was a perfect 30 degrees, the swimming pool was a sort of U shape with a few stools on one side inside the pool, with the bar in front. We already dreamt of going straight there… Which is exactly what we did after heading to our beach front villa. A large bungalow style, with woven thatched high roofing. Darkish ebony wood furnished the place, a large bed covered with heart shape petals on the bed, simple yet elegant, it was. The garden was covered in that typical African grass, the one with dark green large grass, that is semi-soft on the feet. A few palm trees surrounded our villa with jasmine bushes mingling in between. We had a large white woven hammock on one side and one could doze off in it, all whilst listening to the crashing of the waves against the rocks on which the hotel was mounted. We immediately embraced our new home, unpacked our minuscule travel suitcases, found our bikini, the mini mini ones I had just received, went straight on! I wore the zebra striped one first, the top covering nicely my nipples, and the low-rise string to show off both bottom cheeks. I walked very straight and at a slow pace, to enhance every movement I made. We walked to the pool, dived in, and went to sit in the pool, overlooking the beach and ordering our very first Pina Colada! It tasted phenomenally good, there was no wind, we could sense the sun transpiercing our skin instantly, we could actually see ourselves tanning by the second. We were happy, genuinely happy, who could not be! We spent our five days on the island, in the hotel premises, where we decided to enjoy every precious minute, not rushing from one place to another, just enjoying each other’s company in a same spot, tanning on the beach or in the garden, in a bikini or naked, taking fresh showers, napping in the hammock, going to dinner, drinking shots and dancing at the bar, making endless love, and falling lovingly asleep in each other’s arms. It sounds much more boring than what it was, it was our happy place for the week, and it was not about meeting new people or experimenting, it was about us, our time together, and finding ourselves in the midst of this pandemic which has been trying to destabilize so many a thing. I did however, parade myself with all my super mini bikinis, in the gardens of the hotel. Letting the Captain picture me and keep forever imprinted, the vision of my body, of my breasts slipping of the constrained bikini top, showing my ass between the vegetables and arousing him at every opportunity, just by showing off my body to him. He is obsessed, and films me as often as possible, so that he can watch me in repeat mode, masturbating on my videos, days on end. I am his muse, his one and only muse, and I will do everything I am able to make me desirable for him, excite him, arouse him. When he is finished taking pictures or filming me, he retrieves himself on the bed, to select only the finest images of me… one hand caressing his cock, one hand on his screen… I know he is busy, I know he is working, for me, for us… He is proud and delighted with the outcome. He calls upon me to assist him… suck my cock, quick, suck, swallow me… I do as I am told, with pleasure… I spit and pour my saliva on our cock, and gulp at it. One hand now freed, he uses it to grab my ponytail and thrust my head in and out of his cock, rhythmical movements, I lick and suck and suck and lick, I swallow it as far as I can, I leave my mouth slightly open when he does this, so I can actually breath at the same time, it goes too fast. Mini gagging noises escape from my mouth, his breathing intensifies, tap tap does his tip of his cock in my throat, my pussy is swelling up, but will remain untouched as all hands are busy… Up and down we go, I want him to come and now he will ejaculate soon, providing me with the satisfaction of blowing him, and providing him with the pleasure of coming in my mouth… His cock gets bigger if that is possible, you can feel the heart beating around it, he moans a little, my hair pulled roughly, he lets out a long hard moan, thrusts as I feel his semen flowing through my esophagus, and as he releases my hair, I fall onto his softening dick still wrapped in my mouth. I wipe the saliva around my mouth and go lay next to him. I spread my legs wide open and start playing with my index finger in my vagina, so I can retrieve my wetness and use it as lubricant to play with my clit. I’m horny as hell, and I know it won’t take long for me to come. My Captain, recovering from his emotions, rolls towards me, kisses me intensely, and shoves two fingers into my vagina. I continue fingering my clit and make gentle movements of the hips. I continue kissing him languorously, my tongue twirling and twirling in his mouth, my vagina eating his fingers and my fingers pressing hard on my clit. I moan, uh UHHHHHH, fuck UHHHH. I contract my muscles, come, contract and let go. One really cannot get enough orgasms… We did leave the hotel once… a private boat trip along the coast, followed by some snorkeling on some remote island… which wasn’t that remote. After an hourly leisure cruise trip within the pristine blue reef, cruising along the islands’ parade of endless palm trees, rarely have I seen such a stunning sight of palms, and I am palm tree fan, believe me, we arrived at the remote island which was howled by tourists, tricked into the remoteness of the place… We looked at our lovely captains (two local dark skinned, the first in his fifties, the other in his thirties, the younger quite cute and in good shape), and explained that we were seeking something a little more intimate! It took them a little while to understand that we preferred to skip the snorkeling if it meant snorkeling with 30 other boats… They finally got the drift and we cruised around the island until we found that perfect stretch of unspoiled, remote sandy patch sticking out of the Indian Ocean, with many thanks to the low tides in our favour. We packed our iphone in a plastic zipper bag and strolled onto the beach. We decided to walk further into the horizon, to keep it a little more discreet, if this was actually possible. The vision was absolutely breathtaking, the colors indescribable, except they included every single tone of blue – turquoise to be found in any dictionary. It was picture perfect and we intended to make as many photographic memories possible. I was wearing my turquoise mini bikini, that had a few colored gems between the breasts of the top and a few on the bottom, I could not have been in better symbiosis to my surroundings. I walked in front of my Captain and slowly untied the top, waving it above my head, whilst moving in a catwalk manner. I turned my head once a while to stare at my Captain and his camera. I removed the bottom, twirled around myself, splish splashing in a few centimeters of warm salty water. I stopped, kneeled, threw my bikini a little further and covered my plump breasts with a little water, toying with them. A little sand was added and I caressed both breasts in circular movements, I grabbed them at times, pinched my nipples and brushed my tongue around my lips… My Captains cock had grown in an instant and was nicely pressing against his swim shorts. He was dying and so was I… I spread my kneeled legs wide open and arched my back, my hands holding my feet from behind. I moved my hip as if requesting him to fuck me. He came closer, so close that I unknotted his shorts, removed his hard and massive cock, and sucked him dry… he continued filming, I sucked and sucked, steady movements, one hand on his balls, squeezing them, my middle finger caressing him slightly between the ass. He was so present, hard, large, I dreamt somebody would come and fuck me from behind, I needed a cock in my pussy, fucking me hard, harder, hardest… Maybe even a third cock up my ass, three cocks… that is what went on in my mind… a deserted patch of sand, three cocks, fuck, fuck I am a slut and all I want is to be penetrated all the time, hard fucked, fucking fuck, all the time, there, then, now… My Captain removed his cock from my drooling desire, turned me over with one hand, he came on his knees and penetrated me, thumping me, rocking my vagina, my hands grasped in the sand, I was being fucked hard by my Captain doggy style, all of this on video, I felt so alive. I was riding his cock in the sand, riding, riding, feeling him in every inch of my swollen body, his rock hard cock, in the very deepest of myself, we moved like this until those last hard thrusts before he exploded in me, with the longest liberating moan he has expressed in awhile. We stayed like that for a few seconds, panting, and retrieving our normal breathing pattern. Fucking wow, just fucking wow. We will be back on the island, definitely, in the meantime, Hakuna Matata!

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