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Fantasy came true?

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

...I sucked one last time, til a wave of semen drowns my mouth… I was out of breath and with all the fluids. His cock pokes some more at my mouth, whilst I try to discreetly spit the overflow…

The massage

Such a cliché to be on a tropical island and to go for a massage… oh well, what the hell, this is my fantasy and what it’s all about… sea, hopefully sex, and sun!

I arrived on the island a two days ago and having recovered from my flight, I have been indulging in some long tanning sessions, a little yoga to maintain my flexibility and have a deep understanding of every inch of my body, together with a few intoxicating cocktails, you know the one with the fresh pineapple and the little umbrella! All of that with my feet in the finest of white sands and continuous 32°C! The water temperature can’t be that far off either. My reading consists of light-headed novels, and no, not Mr and Mrs Gray… better, much much better!

Every day I have seen a few male and females passing along the beach trying to “sell” their massages. I was eyeing one from a distant but he seemed very in demand and hard to catch. As I am here for a good week, I am in no rush, but the more I see him pass, the more I decide, he should be the one to honor my body.

Lying on my sunchair, in my mini bikini, yes the gold one, my tan a warm caramel tone, I start making a little eye-contact, by lifting my glasses a little when he is in reachable in distance and looking my way. I use my body to make an underlying tone that should not be too difficult to translate… My reading has provided me with a great deal of horniness, so I am slowly feeling the urge for action.

He plays hard to get, I return to my book and an hour later, he pops up from behind, startling me. Why hello, I’m Paul… You seem very relaxed, but could I try taking your relaxation to the next level? I liked his approached and nodded in agreement before lifting myself from my sunchair, grabbing my beach bag and followed him. Mmmmmh Paul, the masseuse, how charming!

Massages for me are all about sensuality, the way one touches you, the aroma from the massage oil, the slight music (here it will have to be the sound of the waves, and wind brushing through the leaves of the palm trees).

I follow him to the side of the beach where a few bamboos sticks have been placed in the sand in guise of some sort of paravent. It feels a bit secluded but at the same time one can see through it, should one glimpse more than stare. A massive woven basket lies on the sand filled to the rim with fresh coconuts and another basket holds numerous beach towels. He requests in a polite but sharp manner that I remove my bikini to avoid massage oil staining it. I must say, I am enjoying this little chit chat very much, and sensually untie my triangle top from around my neck and let it fall over my breasts before untying the back. I shake my ass a little, thereby letting the bottoms fall nicely onto the sand. He very kindly, kneels, retrieves my bikini set besides my feet and whilst slowing erecting himself, carefully eyes my body, commencing with my neatly shaven pussy, my toned stomach and slightly plump but firm breasts, before gazing in my eyes. He winks and turns in silence. I lay myself on the table on my back to begin with. My arms hang on each side as if trying to reach the sandy floor, my head tilted to the side, I close my eyes and can smell the fresh jasmine aromed oil being dripped over my body.

He has a dark toned skin, difficult to say where he comes from, a mixture from exotic and western. Short shaven hair, hardly any body hair, toned, visible back muscles, probably from windsurfing, I figure, he must do a lot of strokes as well, and not only with his hands, deep green eyes, which is unusual for his skin tone, thick lips attached to a wide mouth concealing his perfectly aligned teeth. I have a thing for nice teeth and nice breath!

He doesn’t waste time and tipping over side of my body, caresses my lower back in circular movements before heading upwards to my neckline, where he stayed for quite some time, before returning down my spine. His hands contouring my body, his thumbs dug into my thighs and hamstrings, strokes on my bottom, I can’t recall in what order, but it must have lasted well over twenty minutes, all oily and daydreamy, the warmth of the tropical sun, making me sweat, I could feel the mixtures on my own body. I was very relaxed and started to wonder what he would look without those light linen trousers he was wearing… At that very moment, he had his belly button against my forehead, and I could feel his torso perched over my head as he grasped my ass firmly and pressed his palms into them. I tilted my head and felt as if I was being swallowed by his belly button, which I started to lick, to my own surprise. His hands cupped my ass and I could feel his fingers slowly sliding between my bottom and seeking the tip of my vagina… it was swollen and firm, I felt like a little apricot ready to be devoured.

My hands could not resist untying his trousers and after fiddling a few seconds retrieved the most gorgeous cock I had laid my eyes on, that week, and moved my body upwards and went straight for it. I sucked the tip of it as if I was discovering “cock” for the first time, subtly, licking at it like an ice cream I was going to lick for hours, it was a little oily from my own hands and salty at the same time. I pushed it into my mouth and gobbled it up all the way until gagging point. I wanted to show him exactly what I was made of. I ate it raw and pressed my fingers into his hips whilst doing so. He, in the meantime, had two fingers up my vagina and was obviously enjoying having his cock sucked to my maximum. He spread my legs apart and was thrusting more fingers, and pressing with others in circular movements on my clit. I motioned my body to react and moved my hips and ass as if I was fucking two men at the same time.

I concentrated on my breathing as his cock was quite large and I had to control myself for he was shoving it down my throat. Serves me for wanting this, but I did… I fucking love cock and I will suck if this is the last thing I do… I retrieved his cock from my mouth, masturbated it with my hands and ramped it back into my mouth with all the saliva I had dripping along the side of my chin, so wet my tongue and mouth were… I felt my own pleasure mount, and moved frantically, fucking his fingers, there were so many, I can’t recall in which holes they all were, I tighten my pussy around his fingers, riding them all, soaking wet, at one point his fingers my clit that I feel myself reaching that point where I know I will let go and riding these fingers as fast I could I climax and moaned so loudly, mouth wide open whilst gagging slightly… I was so hot I wanted to faint, but fuck it was good, fuck it was real… I regained my conscious and continued to suck him as rhythmically as I could, my slippery hand grasping his tight balls, my other hands firmly holding on to his thigh,.. I devour his cock, wrapped around my slippery mouth, I sucked one last time, til a wave of semen drowns my mouth… I was out of breath and with all the fluids. His cock pokes some more at my mouth, whilst I try to discreetly spit the overflow… I pay him generously, and once retrieving my bikini, I regain my sunchain and continue my reading!

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