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Christmas Holiday at the Tsala Treetop Lodge, Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

...My breath quickens and images start popping into my head of many dicks fucking me, hands clutching my pussy, mouths so many mouths and tongues licking me like a kitten… I am so fucking aroused, at that moment I want to be taken, by anything, by everything, fucked, I dream of multiple orgasms, men, women, anything to make that sensation last…

Once upon a time, perched high in the hills of a forest… there came a time when the Captain decided to tie me up properly!

We had just indulged in a romantic dinner where the food was divine in this little boutique hotel where one overlooked endless rows of trees. The décor of the place was warm and all objects were nestled perfectly in all corners of the hotel. Be it books, or small artifacts, it was all very well thought after.

We had the villa with two rooms separated by a vast living area with the stunning view of the forest.

A perfectly well-designed kitchen was hidden behind a row of mirrored cupboard doors. It was really lovely!

I had just put on my newly bought shortest leaf green dress with a fine criss cross strap in the back. It was fluid on my cleavage and just fell short below my ass.

I had paired it with transparent slip-on shoes with a decent heel. Just high enough to manage walking without looking clumsy.

Beneath my dress hid a stick on V string with no attachments on the side. The front was quite simple, in black lace and the back was simply a perfect heart that was stuck just at the tip of my ass. It was surprisingly comfortable and held its purpose!

On our way to dinner, I paraded myself on the tree canopy walkway to make my way from our villa to the main lodge and dining area. As we were staying in the last villa, it took us a good 5 minutes to reach the dining area. The walkway was completely immersed by high trees which created a tunnel like feeling. It was the perfect walk for the Captain to film me from behind… posing once a while, caressing my boobs for my Captain, then lifting my dress every once while to show my little black heart. I could see his cock mounting in his shorts… I felt delicious and desirable in an instant. My Captain has this ability to do this to me, to look me with such pride, and joy reflecting whilst holding his camera and filming his little sunshine!

Pity we first had to go to dinner… What a scene it would have been, had there been no guests in close vicinity, to rub my hands over his cock and maybe even go down on him there and then…. Nope… My dress still had many purposes…

The dining room was all wood, like the entirety of the hotel, and was lit only by candles which gave it a somber but warm and romantic feeling.

Our table was in front of one of the fireplaces, thank goodness as my body and especially my nipples were frozen hard! I caressed my breast at every opportunity during dinner to arouse my Captain, who was so eager to get back to our villa and start what he had planned all along…

We entered the villa, and I was asked to remove my dress and sit tight on the edge of the bed. In the meantime, he poured us a glass of vodka and ice and asked me to seek some music. I opted for some jazzy Diana Krall. He was thrilled by my choice and lit a few aromatic candles in the process.

He was moving around, getting his gear ready, a red rope which he started cutting in different sizes, checking the length of the mattress, to which I understood that tonight I would be tied up… and most probably to all four corners of the bed…

He removed his shirt, unzipped his trousers, removed his shoes and paraded in his dark blue underwear, while I sat motionlessly on the bed, eager for the fun to begin…


He arrived with a package and asked me to open it… I fiddled with the paper and nearly dropped what was in it… I stood staring at it… why does he have to do this was my initial thought, knowing how much I hate being gagged. He grinned and smiled, then retrieved his new delight from my hands… a mouth gag ball with attached hand cuffs. Just the idea of having a ball in my mouth makes me sick, I struggle to breath and feel panic. I must remain calm and focus on breathing.

He places the ball in my mouth and straps it to his liking at the rear of my head, then lifts my arms up high and places the cuffs on each of my wrists.

He checks me out, takes some pictures of his muse and notices how absent minded I have become. Focusing on my inhaling and exhaling at rhythmical intervals, and keeping my eyes focused on one point of the wall ahead of me. I avoid all eye contact with him, as I feel the tears so readily swelling in my eyes… I hold back with all my might every minuscule drop of tears that could possibly form, and stay as motionless as possible while he continues his moment of supremacy! He loves it and loves me strapped in his new present.

He takes a sip of vodka, carefully holds his hand on his hardened penis, removes it from his underwear and slowly strokes it. I can see how large and thick it is, and feel my pussy warming up suddenly… I am amazed how my pussy talks differently than my mind at that very moment.

He masturbates a little more right in front of me, the gentle jazz music ringing in my ears, having not moved an inch from where he placed me on the corner of the bed, he then slowly caresses the back of my head and decides to unstrap me… I know him… He wants to kiss me so bad, he wants to soak his tongue in my mouth, and lick my tongue. He adores it and when he is warming up, he needs to kiss me, he needs to feel my mouth salivating for his. He needs to suck on my lower lip, taste my mouth and feel the lust growing heavily.

He then uncuffs me, his mouth not leaving mine, his hand still stroking his cock, until he suddenly urges me to bend down and suck the tip of his cock! I obey immediately and lick little licks and suck just the tip, many times, and make amusing sucking sounds with each suck. He is so thick and hard and wish I could ride him instantly. I let a massive drip of saliva cover his cock, and start deep-throating him, whilst cupping his balls… He moans and if I continue much longer he will explode in my mouth… He pushes me away just in time, recovers a little then lifts me up on the bed, and places me in the center. He retrieves his red rope, spreads my legs wide and ties my legs to the feet of the bed. He then clutches my hands together and ties them above my head against the wooden headboard which is covered in little bronze rings to give it a Indonesian twist, which is perfect to tie me up, in its center, above my head.

Once I am placed to his perfection, he takes a few more pictures and then takes he massage oil that was placed on the nightside table. He unscrews the cap and shakes tens and tens of drops over my breasts. He places a decent amount in his hands, rubs them together to warm his hands, before placing them on my breasts and massaging them with firm circular and grabbing movements. He massages me entirely, spends a lot of time on my legs and my feet, and I am enjoying it so much that I even dose off, unaware for a moment of my surroundings or even being restrained by ropes. He takes his time and enjoys playing masseuse… and once he has finished massaging me all over, he finally concentrates on my pussy… He lays himself between my widespread legs, his face staring straight into my pussy… He plays with a few little hairs I have on my Brazilian, before caressing the outer side of my lips with his index and middle finger… He feels and sees my pussy contracting and sees how swollen my lips are and have become… His fingers slide into me, and he takes my clit timidly into his mouth at first… I can feel his tongue dotting on it and his mouth sucking gently whilst his fingers slide in and out… It is the warmest feeling, every time, I cannot wait for more, I want to ride that wave… I cup my hips and move them back and forth pressing my vagina on his mouth with each movement… My breath quickens and images start popping into my head of many dicks fucking me, hands clutching my pussy, mouths so many mouths and tongues licking me like a kitten… I am so fucking aroused, at that moment I want to be taken, by anything, by everything, fucked, I dream of multiple orgasms, men, women, anything to make that sensation last… As you can tell, I feel I am nearing an orgasm… My Captain as well, feels me so well… he licks a few more licks, and abruptly retrieves his mouth from my pussy, then his fingers and places these into my mouth to suck upon… I am trying to free myself from the ropes, eager to jump on his face, to fuck his cock, to scratch is back with my nails… So many thoughts are jamming through my head…

He briefly dries his fingers on my cheeks, grasps his cock and shoves it into me as if he was coming at that very moment, so intense it was…. I am so wet and dripping, that he moans, you’re so wet, you’re so wet… oh my fuck, you are so fucking hot, so fucking wet… I am going to find as many cocks as I can for you, you fucking slut… humping like animals, my vagina clutching his cock, and dripping with moist, hips moving, eyes locked into one another, our mouths slightly open, both heavily breathing and panting, wanting to come, oh fuck almighty, until we both scream as we come simultaneously… I feel his semen dripping around my vagina. Once we have regained our senses, he unties me and we can clearly see the rope marks around my ankles and wrists.

How intense, erotic, exciting it was! How I long to be tied up by the Captain once again…

If I had known climbing treetops were so much fun, I would have started earlier…

Tsala exudes a mysticism that makes it a destination people wish to explore and experience – it is like no other found in Africa. It has a legendary rhythm and ambience that emulates from its spectacular architecture and history.

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