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A message to my Captain, far away, sailing the Caribbean Sea...

Updated: May 3, 2022

Darling, Captain, Carlito, Honey, Baby,

We can discuss so may things, for the moment our sexuality and sexual omission or submission or extraction or non happenings, whatever word we want to use... I love sex, yes, I love it, with you... I want you, I crave for you... but not only sexually, I crave you... your body your mind, your thoughts, your ideas and stimulations, your presence, your you... your mind set, off or on as it may be, you crazy everything, the craziness I love, the one I aspire for, I long for, the one that stimulates me amf challenges me, the one that pushes me in your absence, and longs for your presence, your touch and caresses, your kisses and penetrations... I await your return to start anew, and rediscover the beauty of us,...

I will do nothing but spread my legs for you... go down on my knees... bend over for...let you invade each and every hoke of mine, as often and as hard as you desire... I am object of desire... I am your object of desire... and I will continue striving for your satisfaction and pleasure my Captain...

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